Liverpool fans argue that next year will be their year

Liverpool fans look forward to the season ahead and Nabil Fekir, Arsenal supporters list reasons to be cheerful, Chelsea readers talk transfers, Manchester United fans discuss their right wing, and England supporters talk about the World Cup – all in Your Says of the Day.

Liverpool 2018/19

I reckon Klopps gonna go hard after the league this season.
I’d recommend people to read Rafael Honnigsteins book on Klopp which goes into his entire career and analyses how he’s go about things. He spent 7yrs at Mainz then 7yrs at Dortmund and he’s made mention of something similar at Liverpool. At each club he’s went hard at the league in his 3rd season. With his purchases and possible purchase coming in it’s looking like the same at Liverpool.

I wish klopp stays for longer than 7 years. The kind of football klopp likes to play, by its nature, will never go out of style or lose its edge. Klopp loves pace and pressing. That will never be a bad way to go as long as its 11 v 11.
As for shaqiri – he has a great burst of acceleration over 10 yards and that couple with a neat touch more often than not gives him an edge in and around the box

A couple of thoughts..why is klopp going for so many left footed players? And are fekir and keita going to compete for the same spot in the team? They are very similar in playing style. We have seen with lampard and gerrard for england that two similar players in the middle will find it difficult to dovetail with each other. If klopp tells keita to be more defensive, that takes a major part of his game out. Or will fekir be a more of a front four than a midfield three??

I can see the midfield being something like Fabinho deepest midfielder, Kieta box to box and Fekir attacking midfielder.
Depending on opposition etc.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Lallana was sold this summer.
I can’t see Ox playing much until 2019.

I think this is the beginning of the end for Lallana. I don’t think he will move on this summer but I don’t think he will get the amount of football he wants next season. A season of injuries lets other players get ahead of you and its difficult for him to get back ahead of them, especially when he still isnt fully fit. Not bashing him, I like him when he is on top form but we shouldn’t be afraid to move players on. Lallana and Sturridge will be on the way soon I reckon.

Liverpool sold Coutinho for £142m.

And then bought:
Nabil Fekir: £52.8m
Naby Keita: £52m
Fabinho: £43m
Total: £148.5m

We’ve basically sold Coutinho and got a much upgraded midfield of 3 top players for only £6.5m!!!

Give Michael Edwards an award for this


Less than 12 months ago Andy Carroll was our record signing!


Reasons To Be Cheerful about Arsenal (parts 1,2&3)
1) Unpredictability

For the first time in a long time, no one can predict how our season is going to go. True, it could all go very wrong, very quickly but it could all go very right too. The not knowing though feels like a completely new experience and I love it.

2) Players

Whoever we bring in this summer, I can’t wait to see what our new manager will do with the existing players.

Two of our biggest problems under Wenger were lack of organisation and his desire to be liked by all his players. From what I’ve read, Emery won’t be afraid to give the players a kick up the Arsenal when needed and he’s big on organisation, including drilling the defence.

Also can’t wait to see how Lacazette, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan get on in their second season. There are tabloid rumours that Laca will be sold and while I’d be sad, we should get more or less what we paid and I’d imagine we’ll only sell him if we need the funds to buy someone even better.

It’s only the beginning of June and we’ve already got one player, with Sokratis also looking like signing in the next couple of days and we won’t have spent a penny yet.

3) Europa League

I’m not a fan of this competition and, given the choice, I’d prefer we didn’t play in Europe at all and had more rest between PL games, but Emery’s EL record is incredible. Couple that with the fact that Wenger managed to get this team to the semis and you have to fancy our chances.

The EL and a top four finish would be a great first season. The return of St. Totteringham’s Day would be the icing on the cake!

Al The Gooner
Great post Al, and nothing i can disagree with there

would like to see some serious strengthing though and a few moved on, Pool City and UNited are strengthing very well….other than though im very happy and excited (for once!)


Im also excited but my worry is what we do transferwise, comparing to other teams we are dropping a bit

Morning Al.

The Sokratis deal is taking an age to get over the line but I’m it will be done soon. I am more comfortable with it than a lot of others. Had to laugh at Rafa Honigstein’s recent comments about the move. He was saying that the Dortmund fans won’t exactly miss him as he wasn’t highly rated. He then went on to describe his qualities as being; he’s a fighter….a warrior (but not great on the ball)…he is very tidy…very energetic….tough in the tackle’. Then concluded by saying, he won’t improve our defence! Now there speaks a man who clearly hasn’t seen much of our defence! I can forgive his lack of talent ‘on the ball’ if he is going to be everything else he described him as.

Looks like the deal of Yacine Adli is done as well but can’t be confirmed until July. There was a huge buzz at PSG about this lad. Very little footage of him to look at but he was very sought after so it’s a great coup from the club to get him in.

I’m still not overly fussed on the EL. I just can’t get that excited about it. My preference this time around would have been to just have a season where we could focus entirely on the domestic front. I still expect us to do well in it but it just still feels like such a second rate competition sometimes. The plus I will take from it is that hopefully Emery will use it to develop some younger players and keep them motivated throughout the season.


Chelsea Summer Transfer Window 2018

Along with Malcolm, who whilst undoubtedly talented but for €40-50m and Leon Bailey / Fekir on the market for similar or €10-15mill more max, I am not sure it is the best option (not to mention possibilities of Zaha, Richarliason) – we are also apparently quite far along in negotiations with Jean-Michael Seri of Nice;

Seri has a €35mill buy out, cheap by todays standards and was heavily linked with Barca and other top clubs last year. Xavi said he had ‘Barca DNA…’. Can score goals, assist and looks really comfortable on the ball driving forward. Possibly the end for Fab, Danny or Baka… with the two former’s the most likely imo. I think Seri should be our priority first signing, Fab is losing it and ou other back up’s are not good enough in CM

super frankie

form what I been reading over the past few months I would rather have Bailey and Seri than Malcolm, not sure about Fekir, another one that is linked and would be an asset is Icardi. But of course the prime acquisition is going to be the manager whoever it may be.

Really no idea who the new manager would want or how much the Club is willing to pay but based on what I have read I would suggest that Icardi and Seri would resolve a lot of our current problems – we get goals and assistance for Kante in the middle so tougher to break down (with RLC to be used as cover along with Bakayoko…?)

Think Pedro had a poor season and I am assuming we retain both Hazard and Willian so a another wide player would be good. Malcom seems to be favourite but Bailey keeps being mentioned in despatches

Lot of the money could come from Morata, Fabregas, Drinkwater and Pedro plus I reckon one of Luiz or Cahill…? KTBFFH


Is Bailey good? I reckon it won’t be easy to get him, there are clubs interested in him too. No idea about Malcolm, but I worry of signing young Brazilians. They are mostly not ready. Lucas Piazon (where is he now?), Kenedy, Wallace etc. So no to Malcolm.
CFC1905: I think we should not sell Cahill. We still need his leadership.
Morata will produce the most money. Fabregas won’t sell for that much, nor Pedro. They are in their 30’s. Drinkwater neither. Steve Sidwell, Scott Parker, SWP, every time we buy British: we always end up with loss when selling them. Except Sturridge probably


Kenedy…he had a great loan spell at Newcastle. That’s one Brazilian I’d like to see competing next season. Another is Luiz.


Stuilse – was Kenedy that good…? Yes he had some impact games but in an average side. My concern for me is that in all his time at the Club he has never really made an impact which is why I can understand we keep on loaning him out. Obviously would be ideal if he could do a job for us but really not convinced

As for Luiz, I like the guy, he gives his all and is great for the squad (I feel) but he is still prone to the odd mistake. My feeling is that if we need to raise funds then he is a likely contender to be considered to be sold. KTBFFH


Too many question marks, too much uncertainty. This can’t be helping anyone from management to players.

If we can get Malcolm/Bailey & Seri in before the WC starts for circa €65-70m it will be great bizzo.

Don’t mean to be negative but my worry is whatever manager comes in, Chelsea have not even been trying for the top top targets of late and a new manager will need some serious backing with this squad to go on and challenge for titles, assuming our big players stay.

Lest get the above two done, try for Aldeweireld and a top striking target, Higuain or Icardi. Naturally Lewandowski but if he wants 400k p/wk and champs league at 30 with madrid sniffing we have next to no chance.

super frankie

Nabil Fekir to Liverpool

This deal, if it happens, is going to take some time, most likely after the World Cup, but you never know, Liverpool could surprise us yet again, like with Fabibinho.

According to the Echo, Klopp wants to make Fekir his next major signing with the player having been scouted extensively during the past season.

But Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas wants the highest price possible for Fekir and would ideally oversee an auction for the player, with both Bayern and Atletico Madrid both interested.

At least Fekir has made it clear he wants to join Liverpool, but Aulas holds all the cards in this deal, and is one of the toughest owners to negotiate with – let’s see what happens


Recent reports are saying Aulas has become resigned to the fact that Liverpool is Fekirs club of choice. This deal could be wrapped up quicker that you think.


It’s getting closer…

Apparently a team from Liverpool is on standby to fly to France to complete the deal.

(Hope these reports are true)


There’s a coupla normally reliable sources saying it.

Would we be happy if we’re finished our transfer business this summer with Fabinho, Fekir, Shaqiri and Allison?
Need to be realistic.


Be more then happy with that ginger.

Be 5 signings that vastly improve team and the squad

Things can change quickly and I just hope we get Fekir

Sean the sailor

Watched him in the recent France v Ireland game. Class act. Hopefully, a great addition!


I’m loving that we have not only upgraded technique wise with these players. All of them are upgrades character wise. Fekir Lyon captain, Keita aggressive CM and Fabinho disciplined DM.


Can anyone confirm that Fekir can play among the front 3? Would ease their burden.

Kopite, I read that he can play as a number 10, left Wing or as a forward. He is versatile which ticks the boxes for Klopp and expect him to play various positions for us should he sign. Great business so far, let’s hope it’s confirmed today.

Fekir is playing a free attack role in Lyon, like a second striker or AM. He has the full license to go everywhere he likes in attack.

Klopp is the master of looking for players who can fit in his playing system. Salah moved a lot central while Ox are playing at a new spot after joining us. Key point is both players improved by a lot after the change. Klopp will arrange a suitable role for Fekir. No need to be the same as his previous team.

One thing is sure. Fekir is Klopp’s cup of tea because Fekir is an expert of pressing high up the pitch like Lallana and Firmino. Personally think that his pressing ability is superior to Lallana but little bit inferior to Firmino.

Football Scouser
fekir has that turn of pace as well. He can play left or right in the front 3 or he can play number ten. This lad looks really special i have to say. Very highly rated.

its not done yet. I wont get carried away until i see him in a liverpool shirt. If we get this done then you can really see our transfer policy and how we make deals ahs really changed.

i cant believe how quick we got fabhino done.This lad is a beast and a huge signing

Sean the sailor
Lyon saying it’s not done yet, but French media saying he did his medical last night in Clairefontaine and it should be officially announced before the close of the stock market at 4pm.

“Basic” Man Utd transfer plans-Jose

I’m worried by the fact that it doesn’t seem like we’re going to be signing a right winger this summer. Pogba, Matic and now Fred in midfield, we will have to rely on a 3-man forward line, and currently our first choice right winger is Lingard who is nowhere near the level we need for a regular first team player.

Sympathy for the Devils

I’d like to see Martial given a run of games there.


@alfie07 – Martial is the kind of winger who likes to cut in – it’s his forte; at right wing he’ll be going out wide and not knowing what to do with it. We need a natural right winger, someone who is either left-footed and cuts in from the right or, my personal preference, a proper right-footed winger in the mold of Beckham, Ronaldo or Nani.


Sympathy for the Devils
I reckon Mourinho wants to swap Martial for Willian. Will only happen if somebody makes an offer for Martial first and Mourinho ‘allows’ him to leave and once Chelsea have already brought in a replacement winger (possibly Malcolm)


I read a few reports of Spurs wanting Martial, and a swap plus money deal involving Shaw and Rose.


England Expects
Just reading Deli Alli’s comments about England’s target is to “achieve greatness” in Russia and it got me thinking what that means. Obviously that sounds like we need to win the tournament to achieve this, but that’s not necessarily the case.

All most England fans want is to see a team play with passion and fight for the cause. I take you back to Italy 90 and Euro 96 when England won neither, but the attitudes and style of Football won hearts and minds.

I came across this on YouTube, and it’s a great watch. To me it sums up what I want from a England team. We entered the tournament with no expectation, and a manager who we had little faith in but somehow it all came together and we made the country proud. OK we didn’t win it, but so what. A repeat of 1990 would go a long way to “achieving greatness” in my eyes.

Please watch – moments in the film still give me Goosebumps.


Get out of the Group first then a Qtr Final place would be brilliant and a Semi Final place absolutely fantastic.

But let’s not get too carried away.

Personally I would be surprised to see us go much further than the Qtr Finals at best but we live in hope.

nine nine nine
If ever the national side had low expectations and therefore an opportunity to really get our imaginations going it’s in this year’s WC.

Hopefully the likes of Kane, Sterling, Alli, Lingard etc. will play with freedom and surprise the world.

I think QRT finals is the best we can wish for, our oppents defending on where we finish will likely be either Brazil or Germany, can’t see us beating either of these.


I’d probably say Quarter Finals is par rather than the best England can hope for Paxo. Once you get to the knock outs in any cup anything can happen…look at your lot. A pretty average team got to the European Cup Final with a whole load of belief and a magic Egyptian and decent first leg plus a few iffy decisions from the officials. Nothing more, nothing less. The same could easily happen to England.

Wonderfuel Gas

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