A place that is known for charcoal and verdurous sprinkled bluffs encompassed by purplish blue waters overflowing with brilliant fish and shorelines so impeccable, you'll be hardpressed to discover another as shocking… Welcome to Palawan, Philippines.

Palawan is home to the ever-prominent El Nido and the portrayal above is no misrepresentation. El Nido, situated in the north of Palawan is absolutely staggering and the best part is, its excellence possibly strengthens when you set off on an island jumping visit from El Nido.

A visit to Palawan, and El Nido explicitly, isn't finished without an excursion to the adjacent specs of heaven that are off the coast. Here are the majority of the island visits on offer and what they involve so you can book the best El Nido island visits for you.



Huge tidal ponds, little tidal ponds, and mystery tidal ponds.

Supernatural pools of water make up the concealed little retreat that makes up some portion of an archipelago: Miniloc island. Arrive before anything else, look up in awe at monster shake arrangements and oar around enormous reefs flooding up from under the water.

At that point chill. Enjoy a reprieve from your investigations to sink your toes into the delicate sands at Shimizu shoreline. Get a tan in the luxurious South Pacific sun.

At long last, advance over to Seven Commando shoreline: snorkel and pay special mind to ocean turtles. Of all my El Nido visits, this was one of my faves. I'm persuaded it'll be one of yours as well.


It's called Snake Island on purpose. It is home to a sandbar that extends out into the ocean like a monster grainy snake, interfacing one island to another.

On Snake Island, you can climb up a stairway set into a little mountain to get a 360-degree perspective on your surroundings from the top. Blue sea and green rocky islands all around.

Next, investigate tremendous antiquated limestone mountains and shake arrangements on Pinagbuyatan Beach. Later in the day you'll sprinkle in the perfectly clear blue waters on Papaya Beach.

Completion your day away from work with some profound dull investigations of Cudognon and Cathedral Caves; keep an eye out for horse shelter swallows and insectivorous bats!


Named for its limestone precipices that look somewhat like a genuine helicopter only chillin there in the ocean, Helicopter Island is an absolute necessity see as a major aspect of an El Nido visit.

Next up: Bourne. Jason Bourne. Of all the activity experience establishment's the Bourne establishment is effectively one of the most well known for its island scenes. What's more, Tour C takes you on similar ways Jason strolled (and battled).

The Bourne Legacy was taped on two separate islands here, and you can see both.

Visit Dilumacad, an island known for it's 40 meter long submerged passage (for cutting edge jumpers just!) and Matinloc, one of the most extravagant white sand shorelines you'll discover on earth. Matinloc is loaded up with a feeling of mystery and security. Shrouded inlets and unfamiliar shorelines flourish.


Cadlao island regularly gets neglected by voyagers and local people alike on the grounds that it is so near the territory. Be that as it may, frequently we miss the magnificence directly before our appearances.

Cadlao is home to stunning shorelines and limestone bluffs that will lead you to a turquoise tidal pond filled to the overflow with ocean life. What's more, on the grounds that the waters in the tidal pond are so shallow, the submerged world is a snap to investigate with a basic snorkel.

This visit is tied in with getting a charge out of all the water brings to the table: Pasandigan shoreline is another chance to investigate ocean existence with some swimming.

Nat shoreline and Paradise are your opportunity to sprinkle in the quiet waves that slurp up to the perfect sands. This El Nido island bouncing visit may not appear much without needing any proof, however it's (excuse the play on words) an exercise in living in "heaven."


Nacpan and Duli are two of the most wonderful white sand shorelines in the territory, you'll be traveling north for this El Nido visit to up your shoreline bum status. Also, this is the best sort of shoreline bummin' you'll find.

Nacpan is home to a 4-mile long shoreline with delicate waves however a lot more grounded surf a far distance of shore. It's an intriguing combo of peacefulness and wild nature. Snatch a mixed drink and parlor in a chaise.

Duli is truly a surfing safari. In case you're a surfer, or you've for a long while been itching to attempt, presently's your possibility. Duli is surf focal in Palawan.

Not a surfer? No stresses! You can unwind on the shoreline with the wilderness at your back and the surfers smashing in the waves at your front. This is the great life without a doubt.

Both of these shorelines are the long far reaching white sand delicate waves washing on the shore kinda shorelines where you envision yourself delicately influencing in a lounger in the island breeze.

This is the visit to take is you are not a devotee of vessels and swimming too. This is only north of the island and you can achieve this territory via vehicle, so not actually island jumping but rather you are bouncing around the principle island Palawan. I adored the region, so I included it here for you.


I presently can't seem to visit Coron however I heard about it while voyaging El Nido. It's only a couple of islands from El Nido, the primary hopping off point to get to Coron. In case you're getting lured by all the island jumping in El Nido, Coron will be next level. This piece of The Philippines is definitely not an outsider to the travel industry however the quantity of individuals is far not exactly around El Nido.

When I visit once more (which I completely expect to do), I think I'll need to up my island bouncing game and take on a three-night vessel visit! The visits above are unbelievable yet they will leave you needing more…

I discovered Big Dream Boatman (BDBM) while I was longing for my excursion back and well, their visits appear to be a fantasy! This is a definitive island jumping visit total with three evenings and four days on a pontoon, outdoors on remote islands, and all needs are dealt with. Your solitary obligation on the outing is to spot intriguing marine life, get a bit leather expert, and have a decent time.

You'll be going through your days relaxing in loungers, swimming, eating the freshest nourishment, drinking a couple of brews with your mates around evening time, and getting up and doing it once more the following day! You'll visit more than 10 islands over your four days and their visits are adaptable guaranteeing you're visiting the coolest island at the best occasions (AKA when not a million others are there).

They have contacted me and welcomed me to come visit around with them and I'll without a doubt return to this post and update you all when I do, yet for the time being, they were caring enough to offer my perusers a selective rebate! How astonishing is that? Much appreciated, BDBM! As a thank you, on the off chance that you go on visit with them, would you be able to remark on this post and make me envious let me know how it was? 🙂


Truly, you would island be able to jump by ZIP LINING! There's very little more to state. Get lashed in, zoom over the insane blue water, squint and you're without anyone else island.

Simply appear, pay and put it all on the line. There's no reserving this early.


At the point when to Go: For perfect climate and the best chance to truly investigate the shorelines and islands, the best time to go El Nido island bouncing is from November to May, with the most sweltering and driest months being March, April, and May.

In case you're in any way similar to me and you attempt to stay away from the stature of visitor swarms, you'll additionally need to dodge those very hot dry months.

At the point when Not to Go: If you don't care for storm climate and capriciousness of downpours and rough waves dropping your visits, abstain from booking El Nido visits from June to October.

TIP: Get money! The greater part of these little island territories are going to need to bargain in real money and are not going to have a ton of alternatives for getting the money you need. So hit up an ATM in Puerto Princesa and try to prebook the visits above so you can convey less money on you.


a snorkel. You'll be furnished with one yet in the event that you have one, it's occasionally worth bringing as the rentals are at times sort of shoddy.

water shoes. This is your decision. Many like wearing them, I detest them. I leased them in Puerto Princesa for a visit that had a dreadful fish that hung out in the sand… You decide. More terrible comes to more awful, you can lease them.

a lot of water. Regardless of whether water is given, bring additional water.

sunscreen. Duh, it's hot and radiant! Secure that skin!

rash watchman. Another discretionary thing. Local people love them since they frequently are humble and they use them to keep cool and secured.

a GoPro. You have no other method for catching these recollections!

a downpour coat. Take a gander at the climate! In the event that it will rain, bring a coat so you're remaining dry while on the vessel. I was FROZEN on my visit while on the vessel since I just had a bathing suit and it drizzled!

a sarong. I'm group sarong yet you can bring your towel on the off chance that you need. I discover them massive, rotten, and not as fast drying as promoted.

Can't get enough of Palawan? Head to Coron next! It's a little angling town only north over the water that has turned into an undertaking jumpers heaven. Book your pontoon over in El Nido.

Making a beeline for Puerto Princesa? Try not to skirt it once more, there's more island jumping and bounty more activities in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

So which of these El Nido island visits would you say you are dunking your feet into? Tell us in the remarks!

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